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The Super Smarty Pants are a pair of pants that allow the user to gain higher intellectual abilities. It first appeared in Johnny's Super Smarty Pants. The Super Smarty Pants have human like emotions such as love, hate and jealousy. The pants had a crush on Johnny but became very jealous when he went to get a smoothie with Janet Nelson Jr. It went on a rampage through out Porkbelly. Johnny accidentally zapped it with the Big Hairdew Ray, making it bigger because it had hair follicles. Then Johnny then used a lawn mower to cut it up.

The pants returned in The Return of Johnny Super Smarty Pants. When the Super Smarty Pants return, it appears that they still have a crush on Johnny. It was revealed they were put into a metal tube and sent to Antarctica. They were released by a Eskimo who took the Pants to Porkbelly and then took over Johnny. Johnny then became smarter then Susan and Mary. After Several failed attempts to get Johnny free. Dukey managed to get Johnny to break through the Pants control and sent the pants to the moon. Though at a inconvenient time a Spaceman landed on the Moon. Then the Pants then presume to attack the spaceman. The episode ends with it saying The End .....or Is it. They may return in another episode.