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Villain Overview

The Super Secret Police are a secret organization of Lego robots that are the tertiary antagonists of the 2014 film, The Lego Movie. They are led by the evil Lord Business and (formerly) enforced by Bad Cop (Lord Business's henchman). They capture any Lego that uses creativity and bring them to Lord Business to be taken to the Think Tank.

Types of Super Secret Police

Robo SWATs

They are the first branch of Super Secret Police lead by Bad Cop.

Radio DJ Robot

A robot that helps out Lord Business in Brainwashiing everybody to follow the instructions with "Everything is Awesome."

Robot Feds

They are robots dressed in business suits that work for Lord Business and attend every one of his secret meetings.

Velma Staplebot

Lord Business's robot secretary and what MetalBeard refers to as Lord Business's "overbearing assistant".

Micro Managers

Giant rectangular robots that forcefully posistion every Lego into the exact position Business wants them to be in so that he can use the Kragle on the frozen Legos.

Sheriff Not-A-Robot

A robot sheriff that is in cahoots with Lord Business and leads the other Western robots. He is destroyed when he plummets off a gorge to his death with the other Western robots.

Calamity Drone

A female robot cowgirl that works for Lord Business. She attempts to kill Emmet with a revolver as he is running from some pigs, but is destroyed when a water tower falls on top of her.


Robot cowboys that assist Sheriff Not-a-robot in capturing Emmet, but fail and fall off a gorge to their deaths.

Wiley Fusebot

A crazy demolitions expert robot that assists Sheriff Not-a-robot in trying to capture Emmet. He fails and plummet off a gorge to their deaths.

Robo Crocodiles

As their name implies, they are robotic crocodiles that assist Lord Business in trying to kill Emmet, Wyldstyle, and Vitruvius but fail when the trio are saved by Batman.


They are Terminator-esque robotic skeletons that serve Lord Business throughout the last half of the movie.

Robo Construction Workers

They are robotic constuction workers that ask for a disguised Emmet and Wyldstyle's identification, until the latter stalls them with "Everything is Awesome".

Robo Pilots

They are Robot Pilots that try to destroy Benny, UniKitty, Wyldstyle, and MetalBeard, but fail and get destroyed along with their spaceships by Benny's quick thinking.


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