Super Mech is the main villain and final boss from Hellfire. A robotic conqueror from the darkest corners of space, Super Mech controls the Dark Nebula, a large space fortress from which he commands his troops to take over various planets. His last conquest was the Sister Star System, as he effortlessly invaded the six planets on the system and turned them into his bases.

Setting his sights on Earth, Super Mech launches an all out assault, so Earth's defense forces sends the Hellfire squad to counter the attack (each version of the game has a different hero piloting the ship). The Hellfire squad attacks his bases on the six planets and confronts Super Mech personally, destroying him and the Dark Nebula.

Super Mech uses a frontal shield for protection, attacking by launching missiles and shooting from his extendable arm. The only way to harm him is to change into the back shot and get behind him.