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Welcome to this wiki....why are you still HEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEE!

Nail... I have a bitch of an itch on my left ass cheek.
~ Super Kami Guru
Oh God! Natural Light!
~ Super Kami Guru

In this version of Guru from Dragon Ball Z, we have an alternative form called Super Kami Guru. In this version, instead of the wise fatherly figure that was in DBZ, this Guru was annoying, senile, and had ADD.

According to Dende, he was the worst thing that the planet Namek had to endure during the drought. He also made some comments about the Earthlings. For example, when he confused Krillin for an albino Namekian he told Nail to "kill it like the rest."

Or when he leaves, he tells Nail to retrieve the Dragon Ball and Krillin's corpse. He also wanted to misuse the Balls to get a plasma screen TV. When he felt that they had summoned the dragon Porunga, he seemingly died because he said it would've been a dick move to do so.

It was also revealed that he and Lord Slug were born from one Namekian, and that he was the evil half part instead of Lord Slug. In Episode 30 Part 2, after he was revealed to have stopped his heart for a few moments, and was really dying, he admitted to his followers that he was the one who drank all the water from the time of the drought, and that he shifted the blame to the Albino Namekians.

He was expecting to die peacefully without a guilty conscience. Unfortunately for him, he wasn't dying at the moment. His followers became enraged because of the revelation, and they give him a brutal death to which Bulma, Gohan, Piccolo, and Vegeta flinch at. His last words were "Choke on them, choke on them!"  It is revealed moments later that one of the Namiekians devoured him, thus becoming the new Grand Elder.

Super Kami Guru- ALL Moments TFS Abridged14:43

Super Kami Guru- ALL Moments TFS Abridged

Super Kami Guru

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