You don't know what you're up against.
~ Queen Beryl transformed as Super Beryl.

Super Beryl is the monstrous, hybrid giant who appeared in the Sailor Moon anime episode 46 and she is one of the many powerful enemies of the Sailor Scouts. As a fusion between Queen Metalia and Queen Beryl, she was the most powerful foe in the first season of the anime series.

In appearance, she seemed to be a much larger version of Queen Beryl on top of a gigantic plum flower, except that she had pale green skin, red eyes, and blue hair, and had a purple jewel on her forehead.

She was also much more powerful, and is capbable of spreading darkness around the planet Earth and accelerated the sunspot activity on the sun with her mere presence. Super Beryl was defeated when Sailor Moon and the spirits of the Inner Senshi (the Sailor Scouts) combined their powers and used the ultimate power of the Silver Crystal to destroy her in their climatic battle.

Super Beryl also appeared as Beryl's ultimate form in the videogame Sailor Moon: Another Story.


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