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Supai close-up face in deleted song "Snuff of the Light".

Supai is the Incan god of darkness found as the considered secondary main antagonist in the deleted first draft of The Emperor's New Groove, then titled Kingdom of the Sun. He is summoned by Yzma to help her give eternal youth.


God of Darkness

Supai is the god of darkness and seeks out the end of light. Supai has been feared throughout Incan history.

Serving Yzma

Yzma summons the god of darkness to blot out the sun so Yzma can seek eternal youth.

Blotting The Sun

Supai kingdom of the sun

Supai manifestates in a creepy shadows

Supai succeeded Yzma's magic spells to blot out the sun. As a result, a plague of darkness is brought upon the world.

Final Fate

Supai was later killed by Pacha's lasso as the dark god is sent to the sun.

Powers and Abilities

Supai has the ability to use darkness and manipulate shadows at his will.


  • The character is shown in the deleted song "Snuff Out The Light".

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