Sunturion is a Marvel comics anti-villain who is primarily known as an opponent of Iron-Man but like many comic book characters has had numerous encounters with multiple franchises under different alter-egoes : the most famous Sunturion was a guardian of the Roxxon Space Station, which he created to try and aid mankind but ended up guarding fiercely and almost destroying Earth in the process.

However the first Sunturion did redeem himself by a heroic sacrifice, his conflict with Iron Man being his main antagonism.



  • Density Control
  • Microwave Energy Emission
  • Force-Fields
  • Flight
  • Teleportation


  • Sunturion shares brief similarities to the DC supervillain, Doctor Regulus.
  • Sunturion's name combines "Sun" and "Centurion"
  • although misguided the original Sunturion was not an evil man, making him an example of an anti-villain.