Sunshine kinnikuman
Sunshine  (サンシャイン) appeared as one of the Devil Knights, a group of Akuma Choujin who had supposedly stolen the Golden Mask, a sacred relic on planet Kinniku that was once the head of a god. He fought Geronimo during the Five Story Ring battle within Warsman's unconscious body. Though he nearly killed Geronimo, he was ultimately defeated by his Apache War Cry technique after his weakness was discovered to be loud noises. Like the other Devil Knights, he was absorbed by Akuma Shogun before the fight with Kinnikuman.

Later, he and Ashuraman escape and plot to steal the Friendship Power of the Seigi Choujins using Cursed Dolls. They enact their plan during the Dream Tag Tournament, where they compete as the Stray Devil Choujin Combo. After they are defeated by Kinnikuman and Kinnikuman Great during the semi-finals they decide that "Demons also have friendship", but Sunshine is killed by Neptuneman.

Sunshine would later appear during the Survivor Match for the Kinniku Throne as one of the Choujins The Omegaman captured, killed, and therefore could now transform into.

Sunshine appears in the sequel series Kinnikuman Nisei as a founding member of the dMp and head


Sunshine's nostalgic view of his past

of their Akuma Choujin division. He pits his students, Rex King and Check Mate, against the new generation of Seigi Choujin, and ultimately blows up the headquarters of the dMp after his respect for the Seigi Choujin is rekindled in the course of their matches with his pupils. He appears again during the Demon Seed Arc as a supporter of Ashuraman.

Sunshine appears in The Adventures Of Meat-Kun as one of the citizens.

Kinnikuman - Sunshine's theme - Sand monster (With subtitles)03:56

Kinnikuman - Sunshine's theme - Sand monster (With subtitles)