Omar Pairut was a young manager of a petroleum company. He inherited his father's fortune which included a mystical stone, the Sun Stone. It had been in the possession of his family since 334BC, when his ancestor, a slave, was given it to guard against the attack of Alexander the Great.

Pairut studied the stone for years to uncover its secret, a secret which gave him great powers, powers which he would use to rebuild the Persian Empire as Sunburst. But something was still missing, a symbol to show his power, so he went to meet Aquaman to start a fight. Sunburst gains an advantage over Aquaman and leaves him in the desert region of Iran to die. Aquaman realizes he isn't physically prepared to fight Pairut, so he devises a plan to use a ​​mirror to reflect Sunburst's power to destroy the stone. Omar, once defeated, is arrested and hasn't been seen since.

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