Sun Mask, nicknamed the "Star of Africa", is a ruthless tyrant who was renowned for his successive victories in Africa. He was called to Japan by the Black Cross Fuhrer to help battle Goranger. He often used whatever means necessary to win, but often let his cowardly nature get in the way of his operations.

He encountered the Gorenger multiple times, usually assisting other Masked Monsters under him and rarely getting into combat on his own. However as the Black Cross Furher realized his failures and decided to bring in Iron Mask Temujin to assist, Sun Halo Mask enacted one final plan to get on the leader's good side. Using the assistance of Zolders, he faked an injury in order to get on the good side of Tsuyoshi Kaijo, claiming that he was being punished by the Fuhrer and that he was willing to give up secrets to take him down. However the leads that he gave lead to the other Gorenger to become captured and his injuries easily restored, enraging Kaijo for falling for the trick. In a final showdown, Kaijo strikes down Sun Halo Mask in anger with his Red Bute before destroying him with his team with Gorenger Storm.


  • Sun Halo Mask is the very first "general" character in Sentai history; prior to him, all of the Masked Monsters were independent agents who reported directly to the Black Cross Führer.