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Template:Evil Organization (Ver. 2)The Sumeragi Group is an enormous conglomerate that controls the power companies, the media, space development, and military technology of a specific small Far East Asian island nation, making them its de facto ruler. They are also responsible for producing all of the nation’s research on adepts, and are at the forefront of all research on both the Septimal (7th) wave of the Lifewave and adepts. One of their high-ranking officers, named Lieutenant Nova, led "Project Muse", which was to hunt for adepts, and had group of adepts and soldiers serving under him for the plan. lead The They serve as the main antagonist group of the video game Azure Striker Gunvolt.


Ever since the Heian period (794-1185), Sumeragi has been involved with people who possess supernatural abilities, like the mystics and shamans attached to the Tetrad (4th) and Quinary (5th) waves of the Lifewave who were quite prevalent during that era.

Plot in the Azure Striker Gunvolt Series

In Azure Striker Gunvolt

At some point before the events of the game, Sumeragi created an artificial adept named Joule. Using her septima, which manifested itself into a girl known as Lumen, Sumeragi used her songs to help them track down adepts in a plan known as "Project Muse", a venture led by Lieutenant Nova Tsukuyomi. However, eventually Joule is freed by QUILL agent Gunvolt, prompting Sumeragi to begin looking for her.

Eventually, Sumeragi manages to track down the muse and recapture her, allowing Project Muse to continue. Unfortunately, Gunvolt heads to the orbital station Firmament and once again frees her, resulting in the deaths of several high-ranking officers, including Nova, and the failure of Project Muse, sending the Sumeragi Group into a chaotic state.

In Azure Striker Gunvolt 2

Despite the failure of Project Muse and the deaths of Nova and his adepts, Sumeragi is still shown to be exists in Azure Striker Gunvolt 2, though their spot as the main antagonists has been replaced by a group known as Eden. Exactly how big a role Sumeragi plays in the game is currently unknown.



Glaives are sword-shaped storage devices developed by the Sumeragi Group to control adepts and their septimal energy flow. Usually, adapts have was is called "septimosome"; however adepts under Sumeragi's command have their septimosome removed and kept in Glaives and allows Sumeragi to prevent any unnecessary outbursts of septimal energy from their controlled adepts. When an adept is in danger, Sumeragi's operating facility can give that adept an immediate order to release the septimal engery inside the Glaive. The septimosome then fuses with the adept and causes a complete body transformation. Presently, these Glaives gives the only purpose of repressing an adept's powers and allow him or her to live a normal life. However, there's still much to learn about adepts, and whether Glaives are a benefit or a big problem waiting to occur.

Known Members

Nova Official Cover Art

Lieutenant Nova in the background



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