The Suitors are a trio of mentally and physically broken humans hellbent on the death of Justine Florbelle. They are the main antagonists of the Amnesia: The Dark Descent DLC Justine.


Alois Racine

Aloïs has a self-destructive fixation with Justine and was voluntarily cutting and self-mutilating in order to prove

The First Suitor, Aloïs.

his mad love for her. His note implies that Justine is romantically involved with both other Suitors, and also that Basile has abused her in some way. Aloïs is the first obstacle encountered in the prison cells when Justine enters the first cell to the far left. Within the cell where Aloïs was kept is written in blood on a table "Forgive me" and another on the wall right of the cell door "I am so sorry", being private messages to Justine

Basile Giroux

Basile Giroux is the angry one of the three Suitors and the second to appear. His rage is justified however and thus
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The Second Suitor, Basile.

Basile appears to have retained the most sanity of the three Suitors, and simply wants to exact retribution upon the woman who ruined him. In the phonograph recording, one can hear an exchange between him and Justine. Basile regains consciousness after being drugged and finds himself restrained in some strange device. He's clearly not in the mood for Justine's "games" but nevertheless is forced to read from a script she prepared for him which states "her beauty is blinding". At that moment, an uncredited weapon or method (possibly the hot poker in the nearby fire) damages his eyes and he screams. Justine laughs at him and Basile curses her for blinding him and threatens to kill her. He appears in the basement area after leaving the library section, whispering threats as he hunts for Justine. When he appears, all the lights in the basement will be blown out, and the door will slam shut, locking you in.

Malo de Vigny

Malo was originally a young musician who too was in love with Justine. The woman then poisoned Malo's drink

The Third Suitor,Malo.

with extremely fast acting alcohol that he drank before going up on stage. Too intoxicated to play, the crowd heckled and boo'd the violinist off the podium. Justine later mutilated the man, causing him to go completely insane. He later hunted her down with the others, not for revenge, but simply because he was tired of eating his own flesh and instead wanted to feast on her's. Unlike the previous two suitors, he isn't sad, pitiful, mad or vengeful. He's utterly insane and puts on an almost Joker-like demeanor.



  • All Suitors are physically identical despite having different personalities, being hairless, naked humans with no eyes and a cogwheel somehow strapped around their throats.
  • All Suitors speak in a different, notably eerie tone. However, their mouths don't move despite obviously talking.
  • Though the Gatherers are obviously grotesque, inhuman beasts, the Suitors, despite appearances, are just "average" humans. However, it is very unlikely humans could run so fast and be able to destroy an entire door in a single punch, especially seeing how physically demolished they are. Their ghostly moans and ability to speak without moving their mouths also enforce the possibility that they have a pinch of supernatural powers.
  • Basile is voiced by Jon St. John, the original voice of Duke Nukem.