The Non-Commissioned Officers Sugormin are the elite soldiers of the Space Empire Zangyack's military. They lead the Gormin in battle, captain the Zangyack battle cruisers, and support the Action Commanders.


Sugormin are silver-blue robotic humanoids, bulkier than a Gormin but slightly smaller than an Action Commander. Sugormin normally operate in teams of three. Their large arms are fitted with laser cannons which prove devastating as a giant as well as large claws for melee combat. Sugormin can also transform into jet fighters for aerial combat or to combine into a hovercraft for an Action Commander to ride on. Like the Gormin, when not fighting they take part in recreational activities on their ships such as Card Games which they use as an opportunity to bully and abuse their Gormin underlings.


The Sugormin first appeared on Earth in the Great Legend War where they led hundreds of Gormin into battle against the past 34 Super Sentai teams. Despite possessing overwhelming numbers, the Sugorming were routed along with the other ground forces before AkaRanger gave the order for the Sentai teams to unleash all their power at once, obliterating the Invasion Fleet at the cost of scattering the Super Sentai powers across the universe. The Sugormin would return two years later along with a second invasion fleet under the command of Prince Warz Gill only to be foiled over and over by the Gokaigers who had found the lost super sentai powers and came to earth in search of the Greatest Treasure in the Universe.

As the Gokaigers continued in their hinderance of Zangyack's efforts to conquer the planet, fights with giant Sugormin trios became everyday events. When Deratsueigar grew, dozens of giant Sugormin rather than the usual three appear, though the Gokaigers managed to easily eradicate all of them with their new formation, ShinkenGokaiOh. Sugormin were also key part of a plot headed by Action Commander Regaeru who attempted to switch the minds of world leaders with those of Sugormin who would then use the authority of the world leaders to hand Earth over to Zangyack. As usual, this plan was foiled by the Gokaigers.