Sugiyama Tokuzou is the Administrator of the Kokubu Prison in the manga Riki-Oh. He appeared in the manga, OVA Riki-Oh: The Wall of Hell, and the live-action film, The Story of Ricky.


Much like the Warden, Administrator Sugiyama (Assistant Warden Dan in The Story of Ricky) is a cruel, sadistic man who would not hesitate to abuse or kill the prisoners if they defy him. Sugiyama has a glass eye and a hook for a left hand as the result of a prison riot sometime prior to the events of the manga. After confronting Riki-Oh, who had killed other prisoners that tried to kill him, he has the Four Emperors (Gang of Four in the film) to assist killing Riki-Oh, but ultimately failed when the two of Four Emperors were slain (the whereabouts of the remaining two are unknown in the manga, though in the OVA, there were only two of them, and in the film, all four members are killed), and when Sugiyama was shot and killed by the Warden with a gas-pressured bullet that caused him to inflate and violently explode.


  • Sugiyama is 50 years old in the manga.
  • He also has a large collection of pornography, implying that Sugiyama is a pornography addict.
  • His fate in the OVA is as similar to the one he has in the manga and film, except in the OVA, he does not explode.
    • However, in The Story of Ricky, his fate was much more gruesome; although the prison riot scene was a flashback in the manga, the film has that scene as part of the present time, so Sugiyama/Dan lost his other hand, leaving him handless. Additionally, before the riot in the film, Riki-Oh/Ricky knocks out Sugiyama/Dan's remaining eye, rendering him blind and helpless (though in the manga, Riki-Oh had Sugiyama in a headlock and only his glass eye falls out).
  • Sugiyama is the secondary antagonist in the film.
  • He keeps mints in his glass eye.