Suemungousaur is a female Vaxasaurian and a minor villain in Ben 10: Omniverse.


Suemungousaur is a 17 feet tall Vaxasaurian, who has dark brown stripes all over her body and whose skin is orange-reddish colored. Her eyes are pink and she has black pupils. She has a mole above her lip on the left side of her face. She wears leopard pattern clothes that resemble the stereotypical caveman (or woman, in this case). Her wrists, neck and belt are decorated with fangs and various bone pieces. She wears a skull as a helmet that has five plates and four fangs on it.

Powers and Abilities

Suemungousaur possesses the same powers and abilities of a Vaxasaurian.


Suemungousaur possesses the same weaknesses of a Vaxasaurian.


Ben 10: Omniverse

  • Charm School (first appearance)
  • Color of Monkey
  • The Most Dangerous Game Show (cameo)