Sudeep is the main antagonist in the 2012 Indian fantasy film, Eega (The Fly).

He was portrayed by Sudeep Sanjeev.


Sudeep is the rich and greedy millionaire of Sudeep Constructions MD, who is also a womanizer. He is so hungry for money that he even killed his own wife just to earn hers.


One day, a young micro artist named Bindu goes to Sudeep Constructions to ask him if he would like to donate money for her non-governmental organization Project 511. Sudeep immediately falls in love with Bindu, and donates ₹1.5 million ($22,000) to her. As a way of gratitude, Sudeep invites her out to lunch.

Meanwhile, Bindu’s neighbor Nani, who also has an affection for Bindu, interrupts Sudeep’s lunch with Bindu by distracting her, making Sudeep feel jealous. On the way to drive Bindu back at her house, Sudeep angrily stares at Nani as he helps Bindu through the food market and silently plots to kill him. After Nani drops Bindu off at her door, Sudeep and his henchmen capture Nani and take him to the graveyard where they beat him mercilessly. Sudeep tells Nani that he loves Bindu, but Nani tells Sudeep that if he goes anywhere near Bindu, he will kill him. Enraged, Sudeep throws Nani to the ground and laughs as he strangles Nani with his foot. Sudeep and his men then flee the scene to make it look like an "accident". After hearing Bindu's voicemail confessing her love to him on his phone, Nani dies and is reincarnated into a housefly, which hatches ten days after his murder.

After adapting to his new life, Nani comes across Sudeep, which activates memories of his past life and plots revenge for his death. Bindu, grieving the death of Nani, is comforted by Sudeep (who still is trying to make her love him), and tells her to move on without him. Nani is able to irritate Sudeep by buzzing in his ear.

The next day, Sudeep calls Bindu to her office and asks her to come to New Delhi with him to meet the Education Minister, who is planning to nationally recognize Bindu's NGO, she agrees. In an attempt to prevent this, Nani causes Sudeep to crash his car on his way to the airport. As Sudeep lies injured, Nani writes the words "I will kill you" on the smokey windshield. Sudeep becomes paranoid about the fly after that and tries all means to ensure Nani does not enter his house. Sudeep tries to tell people about a fly plotting to kill him, but they all believe he’s just crazy.

Meanwhile, Nani finally is able to get Bindu’s attention by writing his name through her tears as she is cries after breaking the locket she made for Nani, and explains that it was Sudeep who killed him. Bindu realizes Sudeep’s true nature and teams up with Nani to make his life miserable. Nani comes with a plan to kill Sudeep using a cannon inside his mansion. Bindu secretly allows Nani to enter Sudeep’s house to load the cannon by unscrewing a bolt from the bullet-proof window. Nani also wreaks havoc in the house, causing Sudeep to ruin an office meeting and accidentally set aflame a case full of his wealth, leaving him almost penniless.

Terrified, Sudeep seeks the help of the sorcerer Tantra to ridden the fly. Tantra tells Sudeep that the fly is Nani reborn and his spirit wants Sudeep dead to avenge his death. Tantra performs a ritual inside Sudeep’s bedroom and hypnotizes two birds outside on a nearby tree to kill Nani. Nani escapes certain death by tricking the birds to create a short circuit, causing the auto lock door to shut and trap Sudeep and Tantra inside the smoking room. Trying to find a way out, Sudeep accidentally bumps into Tantra, causing him to trip and fall on sharp debris, killing him. Nani watches Sudeep fall to the ground through the glass door. Nani and Bindu celebrate their assumed victory, but are unaware that Sudeep’s business partner rescued him, still thinking he lost his mind.

The next day, Sudeep discovers the bolt Bindu unscrewed to allow Nani in his house and watches through camera recordings of Bindu unscrewing the bolt and notices all the miniature gear Bindu made for Nani. Sudeep tells his business partner that if one of the group dies, their contract to pay the insurance of Sudeep’s purchases will be cancelled, thus he’ll earn insurance. The partner asks Sudeep if he will commit suicide, but Sudeep kills him by jabbing a sharp pen in his neck.

Sudeep goes to Bindu’s house and takes her over to his, only to start abusing her and takes her hostage, threatening to kill her if Nani doesn’t show himself. Sure enough, Nani arrives and falls straight into Sudeep’s trap. Despite receiving severe injuries such as having his foot impaled with a needle and having a glass chandelier fall and slice him, Sudeep gains the upper hand and uses a magnet to grab Nani's needle and uses it to severe one of Nani’s wings, allowing him to stab Nani fatally. Before dealing the final blow by setting the fly aflame, Nani sacrifices his life by jumping through Sudeep’s lighted matchstick, inflaming himself, and lands in the cannon, which fires up at Sudeep. The cannonball goes through Sudeep and smashes against an oxygen pump, which is ignited by the matchstick to create an explosion. Bindu and Sudeep's henchmen are able to get out of the way, but Sudeep watches in horror as a massive fly emerges from the flaming gas and lunges at him, killing him, finally avenging Nani's demise.