The Suckophant

The Suckophant

The Suckophant is a minor antagonist featured in the Beatles' Yellow Submarine. Its name isn't mentioned in the film, but it does have an impact in the film.

Yellow Submarine

The Suckophant is first shown in the Sea of Monsters when it devours a burping monster. As the submarine ventures through the sea, the Suckophant swallows up any creature in its path. It does the same to the submarine, the ocean, and then itself, sending the crew to oblivion, but the Beatles and Captain Fred survive.


Not necessarily evil, the Suckophant is just very gluttonous, hungry, mean, greedy, avaricious, materialistic, omnivorous, and dangerous.

Physical Appearance

The Suckophant is a large blue creature with yellow eyes, a silver snout to vacuum anything, a red ten-point star with a yellow stroke, a purple and white striped tail, and lathe boots.


  • Its name is a portmanteau of the words "suck" and "sycophant".