400px-Succubus Queen

The Succubus Queen was a powerful succubus summoned by Sir William to satisfy his own dark desires in the events of the video-game Overlord.

However, she was not exactly an easy force to control and she began to unleash a plague upon Heaven's Peak that transformed people into zombie-like creatures, causing panic amongst the populus.

The Succubus Queen was less than concerned, however, and continued to rule over a secret society of cultists loyal to her will until the Overlord and his minions arrived and slain her in order to stop the plague.


The picture shown to the right is merely a sketch, as the succubus-queen's appearance is identical to the other succubus in the game. She is a well-built, brown-haired woman with pointy ears and sharp teeth, dressed in a corset and legs covered in net-stockings. She has two tattered draconic wings protruding from her back, and two smaller ones on her hips. 


Poor misunderstood young ladies. They just want a little bit of love... a little bit of death...just like the rest of us.
~ Gnarl, describing the nature of a succubus.

The Succubus-queen appears to be a very selfish and sadistic creature. She released a dangerous disease among the humans for no apparent reason at all and killed one of her own human followers. She is never heard speaking but is often heard cackling like a maniac.

Powers and abilities

Her fighting style is almost identical to the other succubus in the game. She avoids the Overlord by flying and is strong enough to knock him down with one spin-attack. Unlike the other Succubus, however, she can seduce more than one victim through magic at once, leaving them vulnerable.