Template:Infobox The Succubi or the Devil Girls are recurring villainesses in the webcomic Sinfest.


The Devil Girls are a pair of bisexual female devils who work for the webcomic's version of the Devil. They often manipulate the main male group of people and they would also play practical jokes. The Succubi's names are Fyoosh the red haired one and Baby Blue who has blue hair. Some pranks they pull are beating up people, giving Jesus an atomic wedgie, and often go on joyrides. Fuschia (Fyoosh) however, became an anti-villain over time after she met Criminy, who unlike any other person, showed her kindness and treated her like a human. She later developed a crush on him. She would often go off after work and disguise herself in order to be with Criminy. She even defended him when was making fun of him. However, most people treat Devil Girls as less than human, most notably the fundamentalist Seymour who hurt her feelings saying she should crawl back into Hell where she came from. Criminy later stood up for her, and scared Seymour off. He then dug a hole in order to be with her. They make regular appearances in the comic.


  • Baby Blue went to school with Jesus and is the secretary for her boss.