Subtlefuge is the evil twin brother of Crackotage and the leader of the Topplegangers from the Homestar Runner miniseries Cheat Commandos.


Early life

Subtlefuge was born as the twin brother of Crackotage. Crackotage became part of the Cheat Commandos while Subtlefuge founded the Topplegangers.

The Topplegangers


  • "Well, if it isn't my good twin brother Crapotage and a couple of Cheat Commandos."
  • "Then, how do we know this isn't a trap?"
  • "I'm convinced. Well, you might as well meet the rest of the Topplegangers. Dry ghost, Swampslash, Fudgeclank. Each is sold separately with rifle and gear."
  • "Here are the plans."