Subdora official


Subdora is an antagonist from Ben 10: Omniverse. She first appears in Fight at the Museum.


She is very free-sprited, individualistic, and obsessed with dancing. She also likes to over dramatize things. Sometimes, she gets angry, litigious, and cantankerous with her boyfriend, Exo-Skull because of his manners, however this only makes her more passionate.


She first appeared in Fight at the Museum, when Maltruant sent her and Exo-Skull back in time to get him an artifact, which is said to be the key to time. Using her abilities she easily managed to get the exhibited artifact but due to her dance moves she accidentally activated the alarms. She tried to run but Wildmutt and Spanner managed to scare her away.

When she returned to their hideout, she told Exo-Skull what happened. Later that day, at night she broke into the museum's highly protected room and tried to steal the artifact again. However, Ben accidentally spread cheese dust on her which unveiled her disguise. She was chased by Rook, Spanner and Ester who managed to get the artifact back.

She once again returns to their hideout empty handed which makes Exo-Skull taking over control. They returned to the museum and with Exo-Skull keeping Ben's team busy she managed to steal the mechanism her master wanted. They fled with an untraceable E Class smuggling ship to give their master what he wanted.