Suave Dude is the villain from Kung Fu Man's storyline in the MUGEN fighting game engine.


Suave Dude appears as a blonde criminal sporting sunglasses and holding a gun, his name chosen to indicate his personality. He was made to be the archenemy of Kung Fu Man.

While Kung Fu Man was walking with his girlfriend, Suave Dude attacked them with his minions. He kidnapped Kung Fu Man's girlfriend while Kung Fu Man was fighting the minions and fled for his mountain temple hideout. Kung Fu Man was determined to rescue his girlfriend, so he gave chase to Suave Dude. Once in the temple, he fought an evil clone of himself. After defeating the clone, Kung Fu Man searched for Suave Dude and his girlfriend. However, because they haven't made the Suave Dude character yet, Kung Fu Man was unable to find them.


  • Elecbyte originally made only a single sprite of Suave Dude, used to illustrate the functions of the PCXclean program but never actually making an actual Suave Dude character, hence why Kung Fu Man's story ends in a fourth-wall breaking cliffhanger.
  • While many MUGEN fans have made new sprites for Suave Dude ever since, it was kept a tradition to never make an actual Suave Dude character for the engine. Despite that, a few Suave Dude characters eventually emerged, though they are mostly spriteswaps of other characters.