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I belive this is my area of expertise...

Suave is a minor TGWTG villain, He usually only appears when Sage is talking about something sex related! He wears a red silk robe similar to the one Hugh Hefner is wearing, He also always holds a glass of scotch in his left hand but he never seems to drink any of it! Whenever he appeares "George Michael's Careless Whisper" is played in the background!

He made his first appearance in Sage's "Anime Abandone's" Second episode "Golden Boy" and he claims to be a "Sex-teacher" to help all the lonely people on the internet (Or woodbeat mackdaddys as he likes to call them) get laid!

His second apperance was in the "Sword for truth" review were he explains how to get a woman in bed without saying more then 3 words to her!

His third and final apperance was in the "Junk boy" review where lies dead in sage's bathtub! But at the end of the review he walks into sage's room telling him that he is indestructible, Sage then picks up a bat and pumbles the crap out of him! So for the time being it seems that Suave is dead... but ive seen pervs cheat death before...