Su Yung is a professional wrestler who briefly competed in WWE's developmental territory, Florida Championship Wrestling, under the name Sonia. She has also competed on the independent circuit, mainly at Shine Wrestling.

Sonia's FCW stint began in May 2010 as a backstage interviewer and ring announcer. Once she started competing in the ring, Sonia turned heel and feuded with Divas such as AJ Lee, Aksana, and Naomi. During her various battles, the evil Sonia aligned with heel Divas such as Audrey Marie and Raquel Diaz, but she was mainly on the losing end. In her last FCW match in July 2011, Sonia was defeated by Aksana in a Triple Threat Match for the FCW Divas Championship that also included Naomi. She was released by WWE a month later.

As Su Yung, she competes in various independent promotions, mainly for Shine Wrestling since 2012. She began as one half of the West Coast Connection with Tracy Taylor, but mostly competed on her own. After nearly two years in Shine as a babyface, Su turned into a villainess at SHINE 18 on April 18, 2014 and aligned herself with the villainous stable known as Valkyrie, which is led by Serena Deeb. Su completed her heel turn and attacked her longtime tag team partner, Tracy Taylor. Su would even eliminate Tracy in a five-on-five tag team elimination match that main evented SHINE 19. Since then, Su has adopted a gruesome submission finisher that is only referred to as "The Purge," which requires donning a white glove and placing her opponents in her version of the Mandible Claw finisher.

In WWE, Sonia was an arrogant villainess who felt superior to the other Divas in FCW. In Shine as Su Yung, she transformed herself into a dark and psychotic heel who spoke little to no words and unleashed vicious and punishing attacks to her opponents.