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Stuntman Mike McKay is the main antagonist in the 2007 film Death Proof. He is a sociopathic serial killer who stalks young women and kills them by crashing his personal Hollywood stunt car in which only his seat is "death proof".

He is portrayed by Kurt Russell.


In the first half of the movie, Mike follows a group of girls in a freeway bar. There, he talks one of them into making a lap dance for him. He also convinces another girl, Pam, to let him give her a ride home. But as soon as she gets in it, he starts driving maniacally (hurting her as a result since she has no seat-belt). When Pam starts pleading, he confesses that his car is "death proof" only for the driver. He brutally hits the breaks, and Pam's head hits the windshield, killing her. A few moments later, Mike runs his car into the girls', and the impact kills them all in a gruesome way. Mike survives and isn't arrested since unlike the victims, he wasn't drunk.

Some time later, Stuntman Mike (whose car is as good as new) starts stalking a new group of young women. The girls (Abby, Kim, and Zoe) try a dangerous stunt on the road, involving having Zoe on the hood of the car, with nothing but seat-belts to grab, while Kim drives at full speed. Mike arrives and hits their car with his own several times, finally sending Zoe flying off the hood. When the chase stops, Mike gets out to yell "Ladies, that was fun!" Kim shoots him, and he flees. But as he is crying like a baby over his wound, the girls come back to attack. A new chase follows, and for the first time, Mike is the prey. When he thinks he lost them, his car is T-boned by the girls. They get him out and mercilessly beat him before Abby finishes him with an axe-kick to the face.


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