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The Student Council is the administration that governs the Honnōji Academy, led by Satsuki Kiryuin. All known members of the student council have Two or Three-Star Goku Uniforms (with the exception of Satsuki who has a Kamui), all of which are made by the Sewing Club, which is presided by council member Shirō Iori. Those with Two-Star Uniforms tend to be people manually sent by Satsuki to defeat Ryūko to collect her Scissor Blade. Such people include Takaharu Fukuroda and Omiko Hakodate.

In episode 19, the Student Council participated in the battle against Revocs Corporation and the Life Fibers#COVERS.

The Elite Four

The Elite Four, sometimes referred to as the Four Devas, are the top members of the student council, answering only to Satsuki Kiryūin. All of them have a Three-Star Goku Uniform. They are:

  • Ira Gamagōri - Disciplinary Committee Chair
  • Uzu Sanageyama - Athletic Committee Chair
  • Nonon Jakuzure - Non-Athletic Committee Chair
  • Hōka Inumuta - Information and Strategy Committee Chair

Every member of The Elite Four has a role to play in the school system. Ira Gamagōri is Satsuki's enforcer and right hand, Uzu Sanageyama deals with athletics such as the tennis and boxing, Nonon Jakuzure deals with non-athletic activities such as gardening and musical plays, and Hōka Inumuta is in charge of strategics and research.