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Stubborn Ape is a tertiary antagonist in The Simpsons Game and the final boss of the Enter The Cheatrix level. He is an obvious parody of Donkey Kong.

Character History

The Stubborn Ape kidnapped Professor Frink after he attempted to give Bart and Lisa Simpson a strategy guide to help them fight off Kang & Kodos' invasion. Bart and Lisa followed the ape throughout The Game Engine before entering the ape's lair where they fought off the Ape's minions. Provoking him to through explosive barrels at him and luring him into the Hand of Buddha's range, allowing Lisa to use her power flick to flick him into The Game Engine waters, killing him. In his final moments he gave a thumbs up to the camera, referencing Terminator 2.


  • He commands an army of Ninjas and Football players
  • In the DS version he is killed when Lisa uses the Hand of Buddah to weaken the infrastructure of his platform.
  • His name comes from the DS version, with the other versions simply calling him The Ape

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