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Stuart St. John is the hidden and true main antagonist of the 2015 action film Taken 3. He is a serial killer/terrorist who killed Bryan Mills's ex-wife (who also happened to be his own wife) and the man who uses Oleg Malankov as his own henchman against Bryan.

He was portrayed Xander Berkeley in the first film, and by Dougray Scott in the third film who played the Mission Impossible 2 villain Sean Ambrose.

Taken 3

Lenore confides in Bryan that Stuart and her are having relationship issues, and that she has begun to rekindle her romantic feelings for Bryan; however, Bryan refuses to allow himself the pleasure of Lenny's company until such a time as she and Stuart work out their problems. Aware of the relationship between Lenny and Bryan, Stuart comes by Bryan's apartment to ask him politely but firmly to stay away from Lenny. The following day, Lenore is brutally stabbed to death while Stuart is in Las Vegas, Nevada on business. Bryan is framed for the murder, but evades police pursuit. Bryan goes to a remote convenience store where Lenore visited a day prior. He recovers surveillance footage of Lenny being grabbed by unidentified men. Bryan slowly figures out that the killers are the very same Russians that he mentioned in the first film, whose corrupt business dealings went south yet again and now threaten their family. Bryan captures Stuart and tortures him through means of waterboarding to force him to admit to his role in all this. Stuart admits that he had Lenore killed because her insurance policy could pay off the Russians and he could frame Bryan for the murder. Bryan orders Stuart to help him bring the perpetrators to justice or he will be killed. With no choice, and again being reminded of Kim's danger, Stuart agrees. With assistance from his CIA colleagues and a reluctant Stuart, Bryan learns of the lead Russian mobster, former Spetsnaz, Oleg Malankov. Bryan gains entry into Malankov's heavily guarded suite and dispatches the heavily armed guards, which leads to a fierce battle between the two special operatives. Finally, Bryan ends up mortally wounding Malankov, whereupon he learns that Stuart had played both men against each other, knowing that Bryan would kill Malankov and hopefully die as well, thus eliminating all the loose ends, freeing his debt and leaving him with twelve million dollars. In a delivery truck in the garage below the suite, Kim learns that while visiting Bryan to tell him to stay away from Lenore, he had taken Bryan's phone and sent a text to Lenore, asking to meet him at the gas station where she would later be abducted. When Kim attempts to warn Bryan of the danger that Stuart poses to him, Stuart shoots and wounds Sam and abducts Kim, intending to flee the country with the 12 million dollars he collected in life insurance from Lenny's death. Bryan, despite injuries he sustained in his earlier encounter in Malankov's suite, gives chase in a Porsche. After locating his daughter from the tracker in her phone Bryan arrives at the airport just as Stuart's plane begins preparations for take off. After disabling the plane with the car, Bryan confronts Stuart and engages in a brief but violent struggle with him. Ultimately, Bryan emerges victorious and elects not to kill Stuart, warning him that if he serves only a limited time in jail for Lenny's murder he will answer to Bryan for Lenny's death when he is released. Bryan remarks "I will look for you, I will find you, and we both know what's gonna happen". Dotzler and his LAPD officers arrive shortly afterward and arrest a now terrified Stuart.


  • Stuart also appeared in the first film as a supporting character, but did not appear in the second film. However, he takes the role of the main antagonist in this film because he had bigger plans than anyone else.
  • In the first film, Stuart was played by Xander Berkeley, who also played Red John in The Mentalist, Vic Gigante in Kick-Ass, Nathan Van Cleef in Shanghai Noon and Gregory in The Walking Dead .
  • Stuart is noticeably younger-looking in Taken 3 than the first film. Dougray Scott is 10-years younger than Stuart's original actor Xander Berkeley, which might explain the difference.
  • He is the only villain in the Taken series to not die.

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