Hi, Miss Craig! It's me, Stuart. Happy Valentine's Day. Look what I can do. (Stuart makes farting noises in his mouth) Ta da! I just wanted to say that you're my favorite teacher, and that I love you very much, and when you said you were going away, that made me sad. Please, don't go away Miss Craig, please. Please don't go away, please. Please. Please. Please. Please. Please. Please. Please. (evil voice) Don't go away, I know where you live!
~ Stuart Larkin while making the scary Valentine's Day video
Stuart Douglas Larkin is a character in MADtv. He is Doreen's son and is an overgrown six-year old boy. He is played by Michael McDonald.



Not much is known about Stuart, except that his father has always left the previous Tuesday after meeting an Asian woman through the Internet.

In MADtv

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Stuart is often scolded by Doreen for getting into mischief and ignoring her rules. Usually, he is seen eating different junk foods and when Doreen inquires about them, Stuart simply answers that he found them on the floor and then quickly shoves them in his mouth before Doreen can take it away from him.

Though Stuart appears very anti-social, innocent, and confused about the world, it was mentioned in some episodes that he is a genius; in "Stuart Takes Piano Lessons," this was further shown when he had shown exceptional piano talent on only his second lesson.

His childhood traumas, such as his father leaving the family, are often mentioned. No matter when the sketch takes place, Stuart's father has always left the previous Tuesday after meeting an Asian woman through the Internet.

Stuart tends to kick anyone whom he doesn't want near him: He lies on the floor and uses his legs to keep people away from him, sometimes using a violent kick.

Sometimes, he calls his genital area his "danger zone" or "goo-goo".

When pushed too far, Stuart's boyish falsetto is replaced by a deep, demonic voice. This voice is used when Stuart enters his "dark place", a glimpse into Stuart's inner turmoil.

Stuart sometimes annoys his obese next door neighbor Harvey Muckenthaler, which is why he cannot stand Stuart and is never up for a visit.


Stuart has a constantly dazed and vacant expression.


  • Originally, Stuart's name was Scott; however, it was soon changed to Stuart.
  • Although he acts as though he is a young boy, his size and appearance indicate that he actually appears to be a grown man with mental issues.
  • Since Mo Collins left the show, Stuart had appeared in only one sketch per season. Stuart appeared 36 times during the run of MADtv. He was in seasons 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12. There was also a sketch used in the series finale that Collins pre-taped the voice of Doreen and they did a montage of Stuart. Doreen appeared 31 times during the run of MADtv.


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