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Congratulations, you just got yourself kicked out of college.
~ Stuart after being pushed by Cory

Mr. Stuart was a minor villain who appeared on the ABC sitcom Boy Meets World in the Season 6 episode "Everybody Loves Stuart."

He is played by Fred Savage, the real-life brother of Ben Savage, who plays the show's main character Cory A. Matthews.


Stuart is a teacher at Pennbrook University. Cory, his best friend Shawn Hunter, and his fiance Topanga Lawrence take a liking to Stuart, seeing him more as a friend than a parent. However, one night, Stuart visits Topanga in her dorm room to discuss a term paper she wrote for his class. The discussion begins as platonic, but slowly turns personal, with Stuart making a romantic pass at Topanga. Topanga becomes very uncomfortable and asks Stuart to leave, but Stuart tells her that's not what she wants. Fortunately, Cory comes in and Stuart excuses himself, and Topanga tells Cory she didn't like Stuart being in her dorm room at all.

The next day, Cory asks to speak with Stuart in private outside the student union and tells Stuart that Topanga thought he was coming onto her. Stuart replies "What if I was?", leading to a heated confrontation between the two that ends with Cory violently pushing Stuart through the student union doors in plain view of his friends and other patrons. Stuart gets to his feet and says "Congratulations. You just got yourself kicked out of college", implying that he intends to get Cory expelled for his actions.

Lilah Bolander, the college dean, arranges a hearing to settle the matter. Cory's brother Eric tries to set up Stuart by having his friend/roommate Rachel McGuire flirt with him (the plan humorously backfires). However, shortly after, Topanga confronts Stuart and demands he admit what he did. Stuart, after a moment's pause, tells Topanga "You came onto me" and leaves the student union.

At the hearing, Stuart tells Dean Bolander that Cory had confronted him about his term paper and falsely claims that Cory then accused him of coming onto Topanga. George Feeny, acting in defense of Cory, questions Stuart as to why he was in Topanga's dorm room and notes the oddness of him discussing a term paper with a student in her dorm room. Feeny then angrily asks Stuart if he thinks it's proper for a college professor to be alone in a dorm room with a female student, but Stuart simply replies that the door was open and that he even invited Topanga's roommate Angela Moore to stay.

Once Feeny finishes (asking sarcastically if he can rip Stuart's head off and roll it down the hallway), Stuart claims that a teacher is only as effective as the respect he is given and that Cory undermined his respect. Topanga counters that his actions undermined her and insists he knows what he did. Cory then tells Dean Bolander that Stuart made romantic overtures toward Topanga and told him during their confrontation that he wasn't going to stop and there was nothing he could do about it.

Bolander replies that hitting a teacher is inexcusable for any reason. She then suspends Cory for only one day, much to Stuart's surprise. When Stuart protests, Bolander touts Feeny as an excellent example of a teacher before telling him "I don't know what you are, Stuart. But I'm going to find out." The dean dismisses the meeting and Stuart leaves.


Ladies and gentlemen, let's hear it for Topanga Lawrence, the next President of the United States.
~ Stuart's first lines
Now, uh, I read your papers, and most of them were bad. This isn't high school anymore. Free up your minds. You're smarter than these.
~ To his students
You took my class. You challenged things. A teacher likes a student who participates and shakes things up. Makes class more exciting.
~ To Topanga
Hanson, you owe me a paper. I don't believe in grades, but I'll flunk your butt.
~ To a student
I know what the paper's about, because, you see, I assigned it. I just I want you to be more specific. The devil's in the details. I'm sitting here with you, for example, right? [...] I'm your teacher, and I find you attractive. But we're talking about the assignment. Now have we crossed the line? [...] I'm your teacher and I think you're attractive. And now we're not talking about the paper. Have we crossed the line? [...] Okay. What if I said to you that I think about you, and I'd like to see you more than just on Tuesdays and Thursdays? See where it gets gray?
~ Coming onto Topanga
Okay, one more. We're adults, and I'm telling you that I'd like to get to know you better. And that's what I'm going to do.
~ Continuing to come onto Topanga
That's not what you want.
~ To Topanga after she asks him to leave
Cory, your paper was pedestrian. This isn't high school anymore. You gotta take chances.
~ To Cory
What if I was?
~ To Cory when confronted about putting moves on Topanga
You came on to me. [...] See you at the hearing.
~ Stuart, to Topanga
A dorm room. Also serves as a living room. Or a TV room or a study. It was not a bedroom when I was in there.
~ Stuart, to Feeny's question about the appropriateness of a college professor being in a female student's dorm room
The door was open. I even asked her roommate to stay. In fact, it was Topanga who shooed Angela away, isn't that right, Topanga?
~ Stuart, to Feeny
George, you and I both know that a teacher is only as effective as the respect he is given, and Cory's show of disrespect undermines me and this university.
~ Stuart, to Feeny
Well, there must be some sort of misunderstanding, because as a teacher, I--
~ Stuart's last lines, before being cut off by Dean Bolander