Hey, wanna see something?
~ Stu Wargle's famous catchphrase.

Deputy Stuart "Stu" Wargle is a character in the Dean Koontz novel Phantoms and the 1998 horror movie adaptation of the same name.

He was portrayed by Liev Schreiber .

He is a socially awkward and sexually perverted sheriff's deputy who works with Bryce Hammond to investigate some mysterious murders in the town of Snowfield, Colorado.

He is killed and later reanimated by the Ancient Enemy, which can mimic anything it consumes.


Stu is a local deputy officer in the snowbound resort town of Snowfield, Colorado, working with former FBI agents Sheriff Bryce Hammond and Deputy Steve Shanning. During the officers' search of missing townspeople, they found 2 sisters, surgeon general Dr. Jennifer Page and Lisa. about stagne murders occurred in the town. Stu become obsessed with the sisters and lustful of them. He finds the body of a young woman . Stu sits on the bed next to her by seeing her skirt just as Sheriff Bryce come which Stu become embarrassed as Bryan stated on him and followed him to hall to say Hi Lisa to Lisa and She looks at him with disgust when Shanning heard the stagnate sound and he captured by The Ancient Enemy.