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Ronald Durham (better known as Strike) is a villain in the movie Clockers. He was a drug dealer and the murderer of Darryl Adams. He is the main anti-villain of the movie.

He was portrayed by Meiki Phifer.

The movie would have you believe it was a murder mystery. How do we know it was Strike? It's because one conversation Strike has with Rodney gives it out that Strike did it. Rodney says, "I didn't tell you about shooting nobody. All I said was if you want Darryl's place, you got to get it for yourself. Shit I didn't even say that." It's Strike's response that gives it out, "F**k you." If Strike had not done it, Strike would not have said or word or would have tried to deny it. He didn't. He looks out for his bro, Victor, and thinks of him as a "big bro," as he says (one of Scorsese's best contributions to this movie, given Italians and Spanish invented the word "bro"). He is very lonely too. He has no girl (given his occupation wouldn't allow for it).

However, Strike is a redeemed villain. And he does try to get out of the projects. And he does look out for Tyrone, his buddy, so much so that he tries to keep him out of the life. It's clear Strike is not happy with this life. Also his stomach ulser is a symbolism of all the deaths he's caused by selling drugs, which he feels guilty about. Strike is trapped in a hopeless life and wants better for himself. He's not a jerk at all, and even treats one of the landlords of the housing projects with courtesy and respect.

Strike is a good kid that got brainwashed into a bad life. And doesn't even like Rodney. In the end, he finally gets the escape from the life, and has a second chance.