Now you pay for your gun, and f**k off, before I hurt you.
~ Stretch to Harry Brown

Stretch is a major antagonist in the 2009 film Harry Brown.

He is portrayed by Sean Harris, who also portrays Solomon Lane and Jungler.


Stretch is a deviant drug dealer who is completely insane and almost monstrous, even by the gritty nature of the film's story. Stretch resides in a den of horrors where he grows large amounts of cannabis, and regularly injects himself with drugs via syringes. Stretch owns a large television where he plays tapes of himself having sex with his girlfriend, who he keeps drugged up to the point that she is actually dying.

A retired army veteran named Harry Brown goes to Stretch's house to buy a gun after deciding to become a vigilante, but his morality eventually causes him to turn on Stretch after the drug dealer turns violent upon his request to take his girlfriend to hospital. Harry shoots Stretch in the gut as he attempts to flee and kills his attendee by shooting him in the head. As a wounded Stretch lies amongst the cannabis plants, Harry tells him about his time as a soldier and how Stretch should of listened to his request. Harry then ends Stretch's life via another gunshot to the head, before taking a collection of guns and Stretch's car for himself. Finally, Harry sets fire to the den and drives Stretch's girlfriend to hospital himself.