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P3-Strega 3586

Straga Members Left Chidori, Middle Takaya Right Jin

Strega are primary antagonists in the video game Persona 3. They are an evil organization who operate during the Dark Hour, bringing people out of their coffins before killing them.

Takaya Sakaki

Takaya Sakaki a grey Jesus who wields a Revolver & his Persona was Hypnos & a son of Nyx.

Chidori Yoshino

Chidori was an artist & her Persona was Medea for her healing powers & she wields a hatchet to keep away from people.

Jin Shirato

Jin Shirato was Takaya's right hand man he's a tech genius & wields a grenade & his Persona was Moros a robot Persona like a UFO mech alike.

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