Street Thunder is a cult-like street gang full of coldblooded criminals which terrorize a Los Angeles Ghetto and invade a Police Station in the 1976 action-thriller movie Assault On Precinct 13.

Structure and Behavior of Street Thunder

One of the remarkable aspects about Street Thunder is that the members don't really care about the racial background of each other which is also adressed by a news anchor in the film. It is unclear if the gang has any systematic structure in it but it seems that Street Thunder does has some members who stand over others; the Warlords.

The members of Street Thunder seem to do most things out of pure boredom, like randomly killing people in the streets of Los Angeles and other criminal activities but they should not be underestimated because they are very revengeful and heartless, so they will do anything to reach their goal, no matter the costs.

The gang also practices various rituals like the infamous blood oath at the beginning of the movie. The gang members seem to appear out of nowhere sometimes and they work quietly and fast to reach their goal, which gives them a ghostly appearance.


The white warlord peforming the blood oath


The four warlords

Precinct 13, Assault on

The white warlord