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The Street Thugs are a trio of recurring unnamed villains from the cartoon series "Gargoyles".

Like most stereotypical thugs, the trio are extremely aggressive, extremely loud and extremely stupid, roughly in that order. They are also cowards who have only ever been seen harassing people that they see as weaker than themselves.

Often scared away or beaten without effort, these three thugs are certainly not the most threatening opponents the clan has faced but did seem to have a talent for attracting their attention as no matter where these bullies cropped up they'd find themselves defeated by the defenders of the night.

A different group of street thugs has appeared in the episode "M.I.A" in London. The Manhattan Clan encountered the group and attacked the three. The thugs are seen near the end of the episode when Goliath brought Griff back to 1996, where the London Clan scares them off to protect the streets of London from thugs.

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