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Strawberry Sweetcake

Strawberry Sweetcake

You can't spell "slaughter" without "laughter"!
~ Strawberry Sweetcake

Strawberry Sweetcake is a young villainess who appeared in the beginning of the Season 2 of Drawn Together.

The voice that Cree Summer uses for Strawberry Sweetcake is basically a slightly less childish version of the one used for Elmyra Duff from Tiny Toon Adventures. Summer would later use another variation of this voice for the Suck My Taint girl.


She is a parody of the Strawberry Shortcake dolls who became a new housemate at the beginning of Season Two. Though all the housemates are completely charmed by her sweetness, they discover soon enough that she possesses a dark side. She delights in making candy, but often resorts to using sinister ingredients- the bodies of dead Sockbats. Though Sweetcake looks like a child, she is actually 18 years old, a fact which pleases both Spanky Ham and Captain Hero considerably (a reference to Lolita complex).


The One Wherein There Is a Big Twist, Part II: When Wooldoor hangs himself, the Jew Producer demands that the housemates find a replacement for him in order for them to be able to return to the house. After exhaustive interviews, they choose Strawberry Sweetcake. After Wooldoor returned to the house alive and well, he reveals that her people, the Sweetcakes, used to live peacefully with Wooldoor's people, the Sockbats. After a while, a great famine swept the lands. The Sweetcakes tagged the innocent Sockbats and fooled them into manual labor. Eventually, they turned the Sockbats into chocolate and other delicious treats (a reference to the Holocaust, and a parody of the film Soylent Green). Sweetcake assures the housemates that it is all in the past, and they believe her, with the exception of Foxxy Love. Foxxy attempts to find out the truth about Sweetcake, but ends up being captured. Sweetcake then attempts to cook Wooldoor, but Foxxy manages to get free and expose her plan. After threatening the housemates with violence if they get in her way, Sweetcake is finally eaten by Toot.

The Drawn Together Clip Show: Sweetcake has a cameo appearance as an audience member at the clip show.

Breakfast Food Killer: Sweetcake has a cameo appearance as one of the characters lining up to be the new mascot for Quackers cereal.