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Straw Banki
Straw Banki (30): A straw Savage Water Barbaric Machine Beast, his Straw Scatter Shot to have people breathe out poison gases. He drinks from four bottles to gain a special ability. Explosive Drink (yellow) lets him to shoot bubbles that explode on impact. Smokescreen Drink (purple) releases a smoke screen, and his Capsule Drink (blue) creates a bubble prison. Kegalesia created the special Gai Aqua (red) to increase his evil. He looses it and it effects Sosuke and Renn but Kegalesia creates a supply of it for him. Straw Banki is defeated by Sosuke and Speedor inside of Go-Roader before growing huge and scrapped by Bearrv, Bus-on, Seiku-Oh, and GunBir-Oh.


  • Height: 216 cm to 53.8 m
  • Weight: 230 kg to 575 t

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