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The Strake is an villain in the Jake and the Never Land Pirates episode "The Great Never Sea Conquest". It is a serpentine aquatic creature with three heads with the elements of a hydra.


The Strake made its first appearance when a mer-wizard named Lord Fathom is freed from an underwater prison, waking it up from a deep slumber in order to take over the Never Sea. Jake and his crew formed a team of captains to stand up against Lord Fathom and the Strake in order to save the Never Sea.

Later on, Jake is told by King Neptune to defeat Lord Fathom and the Strake. By using his power of the sword, Jake was able to defeat Lord Fathom and the Strake. The Strake and Lord Fathom are later re-imprisoned and Jake destroys Darklight Emerald. It is last seen roaring behind the stone door of Dreadnauht Cove, putting Fathom and Sinker escaping from the ferocious serpent in terror.


  • The Strake clearly resembles the Lernean hydra from mythology.
  • In the book based on the episode, the Strake is released by a mer-witch named Ezmeralda instead of Lord Fathom.


  • Strake on Jake and the Never Land Pirates Wiki.

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