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Professor Layton, I've had enough of your running around, flagrantly contravening the flow of my story. As such... I can no longer ignore your meddling.
~ Story Teller to Professor Layton and Luke.

The Story Teller is one of two main antagonists of the video game Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney alongside High Inquisitor Darklaw. He is the ruler of Labyrinth City, who has the power to make everything he writes in his book come true, which he appearently uses for evil purposes. He is the one in charge of the trials against the witches who terrorise the town.


Arthur Cantabella was raised in a small poor, where grew up with only one friend, Newton Belduke. One day, they stumbled upon the ancient ruins underground, where they found the Bell of Ruin, a bell that an ancient culture who roamed their land had worshiped. There were ancient writings that Newton was able to decipher some around that time. It said that the bell brought calamity upon the natives, which they were led to believe that it was cursed by an entity, known as the Great Witch Bezella, thus causing them to seal it in the ruins. Although warned, Newton and Cantabella were excited after they discovered the bell, believing it could save their town. Ever since then, the two of them vowed to return for the bell as they went their separate ways to study in their career.

Other Information


While at first he seems like a cruel ruler who causes chaos with his stories, he is actually a caring old man who only decieves and scares the people of Labyrinthia to protect his daughter from emotional trauma.


The Story Teller has white hair and wears middel-age-like elegant clothes. He has a metallic mask with a gem instead of an eye.

Powers and Abilities

The Story Teller is nearly omnipotent inside of Labyrinthia, as he is in control of the complete illusion of city through the invisible machines he had put everywhrere.


  • Although Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is only one game, he is considered as it's Bigger Bad by TV Tropes, as the game consists of multiple story arcs.
  • He is similar to Drosselmeyer from Princess Tutu.
    • Both wrote a story that started a bad chain of events; except Drosselmeyer wanted an unhappy ending, while the Story Teller wanted to clear Espella of her name.

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