The Stormsgate Citadel

The Stormsgate Citadel, sometimes called the Stormgate CastleStormgate Citadel by mistake and Azimuthia in spanish; is a giant floating castle with overgrown vines. Despite its appearance it is NOT a villain's lair, but a villain; and a powerful boss in the Dragon Quest series.

Making its debut in Dragon Quest VI, it stands in the way of the hero and his friends before they can ascend to Cloudsgate Citadel and could be some sort of security system. Not much is known about this peculiar enemy but one must watch out when it blasts its cannons and heal immediately whenever it tries to crush the heroes.

Other appearances

Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 The Stormsgate Citadel is a three-space Rank A monster from the Material family. It cannot be synthesized as it is only obtainable as a prize that can be won in the Monster World Championships. To do so one must earn a rank in the top 100 positions in the Mega Scout category.



  • Its spanish name, Azimuthia, is similar to the Dragon Quest locations, Zenithia and Nadiria (also called that in english). Similar to Zenithia coming from the term "zenith", which represents an "above" point of a celestial sphere and Nadiria from "nadir", the "below" point of the celestial sphere.  "Azimuth" stands for a point in the horizon.