Hush, my lupine babies.
~ Stormella talking to her wolves.

Stormella's Wolves are the (former) supporting antagonists in the 1998 film Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: The Movie. They are the pet arctic wolves of Stormella.

Role in the film

They are first seen along with their mistress and her penguin butler Ridley at Santa Claus's workshop where Stormella is demanding to know which of Santa's elves was responsible for wreaking her ice garden. After leaving the workshop they are shown pulling Stormella's sleigh.

They are then seen years later cornering Zoey after she crosses Stormella's off limits bridge and because of this Stormella unleashes a storm to stop Santa from doing his Christmas Eve travels.

They are later seen asleep unaware that Slyly is sneaking past them to steal the key to the cells Rudolph, Zoey, and Leonard. They are later seen with Stormella after the group escape and witness the light of Rudolph's causing her to fall down the cliffside. They then help Rudolph, Zoey, Slyly, Leonard, and Ridley pull Stormella back up and witness her become nice.

They also reformed like their mistress and Ridley. One of the wolves is seen with Stormella and the villagers singing "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" whilst watching Rudolph, Santa and the Flyers returning from their deliveries.