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"I am the black blade. Forged a million billion years ago. My cosmic soul, it goes on for eternity. Carving out destiny. Bringing in the Lords of Chaos. Bringing up the beasts of Hades, sucking out the souls of heroes. Laying waste to knights and ladies. My master is my slave.

~ - the song "Black Blade" by Blue Oyster Cult

Stormbringer is a sentient sword of immense evil power from Michael Moorcock's Eternal Champion series. The sword is most known for being wielded by the Eternal Champion, Elric of Melnibone , and his ancestors. The sword is capable of sucking out the souls of those it kills, and bestowing energy to its wielder. This is quite helpful to Elric, since he is a frail wizard, previously only kept alive through constant consumption of drugs and potions. Wielders of Stormbringer must constantly resist urges to kill, so that the sword may feed.

Stormbringer has a "brother sword" of similar power called Mournblade. Mournblade was wielded by Elric's cousin Yyrkoon.

Domine - The Chronicles of the Black Sword08:09

Domine - The Chronicles of the Black Sword

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