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Storm Rider
The Storm Rider is a minor villain in the video game; Kingdom Hearts II. It's an Emblem Heartless that resides in the Land of the Dragons.


The Storm Rider was originally a dragon that was sleeping under Tung-Shao that gave strength to the Land of Dragons. However, when Sora and his friends returned in order to search for any members of Organization XIII, they encountered a mysterious man in black. Shortly after they spotted him, the man transformed the Dragon into an Emblem Heartless and sent it to attack the Imperial City. Sora, his friends, and Mulan rushed towards the city to warn the Emperor about the dragon and hooded man. But just when they were about to reach the city, they encountered the Hooded man, which was revealed to be Xigbar. Instead of fighting them, Xigbar summons his Nobdies, known as Snipers, behind to fight them, as he runs off,  but the Snipers were quickly defeated.

After they defeated the Nobodies, Sora and the others headed towards the Emperor to warn him about Storm Rider. However, just as they finish warning him the Emblem Heartless appears and attacks the city. Without a seconds thought, Sora, his friends, and Mulan rush towards the Storm Rider to fight it off. Sora and his friends were able to slay the dragon, returning peace to the Land of Dragons.

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