The Storm Covenant, also known as Jul 'Mdama's Covenant, are a Covenant Remnant faction serving as major antagonists of Halo 4 and 5, as well as the primary antagonists of Halo 4's SPARTAN Ops campaign.

They are a fragment of the original Covenant led by Jul Mdama and several other Sangheili who share his radical views. Despite the Human-Covenant War being over, the Storm Covenant still seek to exterminate humanity. This goal puts them into conflict with both the UNSC and the Swords of Sanghelios, who wish to work with humanity to rebuild both of their homeworlds.


After the joint forces of humanity and the Sangheili defeated the Prophet of Truth and the remaining Covenant Empire forces, the Sangheili found themselves in turmoil. While many Sangheili wanted to stay allied with humanity and work with them, others still viewed them as a threat, and wished to continue to perpetuate the genocide of humanity put forth by the Prophets. Several Covenant Remnant factions were formed, including one by Jul Mdama and the Kaidon Panom. Jul's faction quickly entered into war with the Swords of Sanghelios. The Remnant forces soon gained an advantage after discovering the shield world Requiem and allying with The Didact and his Prometheans. They also gained an ally in Dr. Catherine Elizabeth Halsey, who allied with them to get revenge on the UNSC.

However, the Storm Covenant suffered tremendous losses during the Battle of Kamchatka, where Fireteam Osiris killed Jul Mdama while attempting to recover Dr. Halsey.

After Jul's death, Kitun 'Arach and several of Jul's other lieutenants assumed joint leadership of the Storm Covenant. The Covenant made their final stand on Sanghelios against the Swords of Sanghelios on the Sangheili city of Sunaion. The battle was ultimately a victory for the Swords, with the Storm Covenant being all but abolished after the fight.



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