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Descendants of Rocky and Mugsy, Stoney and Bugsy are gangsters who were starting a crime wave of stealing weapons and were obtaining the mineral Curium which would rob anyone with superpowers. Their actions were easy when Pinkster Pig assisted the Loonatics and botched up their apprehension of the two gangsters. When it came to stealing the Curium 247, Pinkster's true colors were revealed as their boss (whom they adopted from the orphanage he and Duck originally lived) and yet they were stopped. They also acted like Rocky and Musgy. They also talk like them and say some things they would say. While Pinkster appeared to be on the Loonatics side he was actually a double agent. He's part of Stoney and Bugsy's gang. They adopted him from the orphanage and he helps them pull crimes. Pinkster was then exposed and all three were sent to prison.

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