Stoney is the main antagonist of the TV special The Flintstone Kids: Just Say No. He is a "cool" boy who uses drugs. He denies that the drugs are doing him nothing but trouble (which is because, as Wilma's mother tells her, they also make it so anyone using them can't think straight), and he tries to pressure Wilma into doing the same thing. At first, only an excuse by claiming to have a dental appointment works. That's when Wilma speaks to her friends about this, and after a talk from them, they tell her to talk to her parents.

At one point, a villainous role of his is when Freddy and his friends are having lunch, he shuffles the notes on what should be done to which pet to put them out of business. For this, Freddy bets Stoney in a race with clues. He doesn't succeed in the race, and he leaves his drugs behind by mistake in the process. When the race is over, his posse, Dottie, Joey, and Clyde (who is always known for saying "yup" to every question, but this time, saying "nope"), quit on him and join Wilma's "Just Say No" club, and he is caught by Officer Quartz, who has seen the drugs fall out of his pocket in the middle of the race. Officer Quartz begins to report this to his parents on the way to having him tried. At this point, he wishes he'd said no to drugs from the beginning.

Stoney is voiced by the late Dana Hill.