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The Jaguar searching for Tulio and Miguel.

The Stone Jaguar is the tertiary antagonist in The Road to El Dorado. It is Tzekel-Kan's creation to help the aptly named Age of the Jaguar.

Role in the film

Tzekel-Kan operates the jaguar to attack Tulio and Miguel. The jaguar, however, is immune to spears, as it is a gigantic golem beast. Miguel, Tulio, Chel, and Altivo escaped from the giant jaguar and it bursts through the entrance of the village. Altivo kicks its eye and all four are attacked. Tulio and Miguel started to attack it and Altivo is sent to trick the jaguar. While escaping, Tzekel-Kan sends lava on the other side and the jaguar is almost attempting to kill Tulio and Miguel. The jaguar started sinking into the lava. However, the beast started to survive and it starts to go after Tulio and Miguel. Tzekel-Kan deactivated the jaguar later on. When Tulio and Miguel are in a fight, Tzekel-Kan activated the jaguar and fell into the cenote well whirlpool. The Jaguar sank below in pieces, but Tzekel-Kan washes up on shore, where he meets Cortes and leads the way.

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