Weave, believe, belong! Weave, believe, belong! Leave the circle never! Weave the quilt forever!
~ The Stitch Sisters

The Stitch Sisters are two villainesses from Courage the Cowardly Dog. They appear in the episode, "The Quilt Club".

They were voiced famous voice actress Fran Brill.

These conjoined women are vile and sinister creatures who came in possession of a magical, semi-sentient quilt that could prolong their live indefinitely by having other women sew a magical symbol of eternal life onto the quilt. The quilt would then steal the soul of whoever sewed the symbol into it and extend the sisters' lives, as the sisters sew the victim into the quilt itself.

They have apparently been doing this since the dawn of man, since they were shown doing it to a cavewoman. They are very picky with their victims, as they force them to forget about their family in favor of sewing before they steal their souls. There is a possibility the quilt is the one who chooses who is their victim to prolong their unnaturally long lives. In the end, their plans are foiled, with the victims' souls freed and the sisters are turned into a picture of themselves on a quilt, presumably trapped for all eternity, or at least the rest of their lives.