Drool as a Baby


Stinky and Brute as Babies

Stinky, Brute, and Drool are a trio of Pot Bellied, dimwitted trolls from "The New World of the Gnomes" and Spin-Off, "The New Adventures of the Gnomes".

Brute is voiced by Tom Kenny, Drool is voiced by the late Joe Alaskey, and Stinky is voiced by Dan Castellaneta.


In the episode "Turtle Trouble", they came out of the volcano when they were babies when they met Persifal's teacher, Millius, as a young gnome. They got their pets, Scaly, a lizard, Spidey, a spider, and Batty, a bat and started doing pollution, terrorizing animals, gnomes, and people and all sorts of terrible things.

They were banished to the magical Creature prison in Venice, Italy in "The Longest Wedding" by Millius.

They bust out of their magical creature prison in Venice, Italy, and stumble upon Ernesto Barbarossa, who was turned into a dragon by his own greed and dragonly thoughts. They even teamed up with a 1/4 vampire called Captain Aran